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Ride in a hot air balloon
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love it!
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If you really love hot air balloons, check out the largest hot air balloon festival in the world: Attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival.
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So hot the balloon right now
August 13rd 2017
Photo added by Anna G.. about 1 years ago
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8/10/14 - Hot Air Balloon Ride - Check! Found out a local orchard was doing tethered rides for only $5 where all proceeds went to the CT Children's Medical Center! Win-Win! The ride was quick and the basket we stood in seemed really short for our long legs lol but it was def worth the drive to say I've done it!
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I hope to achieve this one next year (July 2015) at the Ashland County Balloonfest
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Purchased the AmazonLocal voucher and have scheduled my ride for August 16th at 6:30 AM.

Got a call that there was a cancellation and I got my ride in July 26th! It was so cool!
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Photo added by Pan Reas. about 5 years ago
In Hamburg, the first city of my Central Europe trip, I noticed there was a tethered hot air balloon tourist attraction but didn't get to go because it was too windy and not running on my last day there. So I thought I may have missed out, but then found there was another in Berlin. I went on the day my girlfriend was off cycling around the city and I had some time on my own.
The balloon goes up over the area where a lot of the wall used to be, near Checkpoint Charlie. It fits maybe 15 people or so and goes up for 15 minutes, for 19€. The balloon has a tether though the middle so the platform is shaped like a bagel that you can walk around.
I know it's a tethered hot air balloon, so not quite the same as the higher ones, but I'm satisfied - particularly as my girlfriend doesn't want to go at all so I wouldn't necessarily want to do the very expensive high ones without her.
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I'll need to save up ~250 dollars
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Note added by Janelle . about 5 years ago
Researched best places to ride a hot air balloon.
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Photo added by Hannah. about 5 years ago
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Photo added by Sarah. about 6 years ago
with a view of Disneyland Paris!
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Tried again last Monday, but still too windy. Wondering if we will ever get up in the bloody balloon!!!
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Good Friday was cancelled, only the 6th try! Will book it again at some point!
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Booked for Good Friday.
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Note added by Aliya. about 6 years ago
Tickets bought....fingers crossed next month or April
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Quechee VT or Kennebunkport ME
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Note added by Kellie. about 8 years ago
Planned for next year for my birthday
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wow this is expensive