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Watch a Cirque du Soleil show
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love it!
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Paramour at NY Lyric Theatre
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Note added by Michele . about 11 months ago
Got my tickets!
Photo added by Anna G.. about 1 years ago
Amaluna at Royal Albert Hall. Finally. After missing the Cirque in Helsinki, Paris, and London, a few times at least. Was worth the chase. Especially since my cheapo ticket was upgraded on-site to a prime view!
Photo added by Rob. about 2 years ago
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Note added by Tanisha M.. about 3 years ago
I bought tickets to watch the dress rehearsal for La Nouba in Downtown Disney hopefully just the beginning for Cirque Shows.
Note Added
18.10.2014 in Zurich
Note Added
Went to see the Cirque du Soleil show "The Beatles - Love" in Las Vegas on April 1, 2013.
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Holding onto 'Ovo'
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Waiting outside Le Grand Chapiteau for Ovo
Note Added
Tickets are booked to see Ovo @ Langley Park in Perth on the 31st May!!
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So Mind Blowing!
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Note added by Eva Linden. about 5 years ago
I went to the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour, which was a mash-up of all his greatest hits, performed by Cirque Du Soleil
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Photo added by Linda. about 5 years ago
Cirque du Soleil MJ Immortal!
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Note added by Linda. about 6 years ago
Bought a ticket to Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour. Can't wait to see the show!
Note Added
tickets purchased for Kooza in Dallas 9/23/12!

KOOZA show was awesome! Loved the contortionists best!
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Note added by Lynne T. about 6 years ago
Booked tickets for the Michael Jackson tour in October 2012.
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Note added by James Kwok. about 6 years ago
6th April 2012 - Amsterdam
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Note added by Sara K.. about 6 years ago
Tickets for Tuesday 3/6
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Note added by Molicious!. about 8 years ago
Havent missed one the last 3yrs...both with siz & Dad. A great must-do esp. with family (all ages) & friends.
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Note added by Alexis. about 8 years ago
Saw Ka 9.14.10