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Go Geocaching
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love it!
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Note Added
Soort van gedaan. Geocachingopkomst uitgevoerd en de caches gevonden.
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Note added by Ashley. about 3 years ago
Went with the single's ward people at the ward cabin activity. Seriously it's super fun and I felt so sneaky/in a exclusive cool club.
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Note added by Swan. about 3 years ago
I found some Geocaches while we stayed in Pittsburgh
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Gelukkig had ik hulp van Laura!
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Photo added by Tina . about 5 years ago
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Photo added by Swan. about 5 years ago
That's me, with the cache I found in my hands.
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Note added by Swan. about 5 years ago
We went Geocaching with some Postcrossers at the meeting in Bielefeld twice. The second time, I was the one who found the cache. I guess, now I have a better idea what to watch out for. I won't mark this as done yet, since I haven't gone by myself yet.
Note Added
Progress: I've looked it up and joined a 'community'. Now we just have to get out there! D
Note Added
At the Y with Emily.
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Note added by Casey Lutz. about 6 years ago
With Julie Ann very briefly. Hopefully we will go again.
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Note added by Novembre. about 7 years ago
06/08/2011 - I did it!! I actually found a cache my first try! I couldn't find the other 2 though.
Note Added
have no idea what geocaching is but never mind
Note Added
Probably with Lucy
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Note added by Ruth Jones. about 8 years ago
We went, but we failed. I won't check this one off until we actually find a geocache!