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Make a list of the top 5 people who have positively influenced me and write them letters
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Note Added
Note added by Denisa. about 1 years ago
1 letter-Arie-my best friend during my exchange year 2016-2017 in the USA (Aruzhan Suleiman)
2. My host family-John and Tanya Ovalle
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Note added by Upe Ruke. about 1 years ago
1. Ele
2. Dalius
3. Milda
4. Emmalotta
5. Raul
6. Liudas
7. Luca
Note Added
One letter already gone... kinda made me anxious.. It's really hard to put your feelings in a letter.. for me alteast. ask my girlfriend, I am not that good with feelings
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Note added by Steph P. about 2 years ago
3/5 Done (Maureen, Al, Jen G) Two more to go!
Photo added by Ehrin Bass. about 2 years ago
Carnival breeze May 22-May 29
Note Added
- Tim
- Ivonne
- Bea
- Wies
- Natida
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Note added by Steph P. about 2 years ago
I am thinking that the best way to do this is to amend the idea to 5 people who have positively influenced me "at Holy Trinity." It takes the Al Dufour Practice of say, Sorry, Thank you and Goodbye practice to my own 'leaving' at HT. Also, it gives me a better and closer deadline for June.
Note Added
1. Mary
Note Added
Note added by Evelyn Jo. about 2 years ago
1. Mom
2. Dad
3. Aunt and Uncle
4. Brother -- Done
5. Angela -- Done
Note Added
Lewis - for helping me understand AS
Mumand paul - for putting up with me through everything
steph and christine
nan and grandad
Note Added
Note added by Belinda. about 2 years ago
1. Jessica
Note Added
Note added by Maja Rose. about 3 years ago
Mum, Hills, Morag
Note Added
People who have influenced me: Trevor, Grandma Eva, Georgie, Lucy, Leef, Nyx, Steph
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Note Added
I really enjoyed this task! I wrote letters to my mum, dad, and friends Charlotte, Becky and Hazel
All of them were really touched, which was an added bonus!
Note Added
Note added by Erin Behan. about 4 years ago
sept 17- my brother got his letter. I wrote Jordan one as we'll. I wrote a paper for school about coach sheckel and sent it to him, so that counts too. Mom and dad are next!
Note Added
Got the list, now I have to write the letters.
Note Added
- My Big Sis
- My best friend
- My ex (weird I know)
- An acquaintance
- My Little Sis
Note Added
Aunt Judy
Meghan Jones
Kristen Whitson
Note Added
Steven van Rij,
Esther de Groot,
Sandra Drost,
Henk van Es,
Note Added
1. Mom
2. Michael
3. Dad
4. Juli - DONE
5. Auntie
Note Added
Note added by Sheridyn. about 5 years ago
My Grandma Bergsten
My mom
My Dad
My Grandpa Bergsten
My Grandma and Grandpa Bryant
Note Added
3/5 (Megan)
Note Added
2/5 (Lindsay, Leanne)
Note Added
Note Added
madhusudan, rushabh, chanakya, amitabh and vinit. send the letters on your birthday.
Note Added
madhu bhai-joy of giving. be crazy for the thing you love. Rushabh-help the needy.Do good.Be kind. Vineet Sir- Filmmaking. Amitabh shah.- for becoming yuva in real sense. living childhood again. Chanakya- for being down to earth. humbled.a critic to my films.
Note Added
Note added by beatrice. about 6 years ago
Note Added
JanDee Mom Dick Scadden Mandy Dad
Note Added
1/5 S.O.
Note Added
Connie Mulholland-done Bill Holleran-done Dr. Tommy Mitchell-done
Note Added
Note added by Ms. Zaira. about 7 years ago
Loser Sweetie Sr. Inez Sis Written (0/5)
Note Added
Started my list...
Note Added
People who have influenced me: 1. Kelly 2. Pastor Laurel 3. Karen 4. Dawn
Note Added
Dad, Gayle Hadden,