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Note added by Maud. about 1 years ago
I made a list, now I only have to fill it in
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See my 'Done' list.
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Note added by A.G. about 2 years ago
These are based on goals I have seen posted here:

1. Got a passport
2. Learned to drive
3. Studied abroad
4. Went to Las Vegas
5. Went to the Grand Canyon
6. Went to the Georgia Aquarium
7. Went to the San Diego Zoo
8. Went to La Jolla
9. Visited Cafe du Monde in New Orleans
10. Walked through the French Quarter
11. Visited Cedar Point Amusement Park
12. Finished a book in one sitting
13. Met my favorite author
14. Did something drastic with my hair
15. Traveled alone to a foreign country where I did not speak the native language
16. Drank from a coconut
17. Went ziplining
18. Carved my initials on a tree
19. Learned a poem by heart
20. Went indoor rock climbing
21. Went standup paddle-boarding
22. Watched sumo wrestling live
23. Visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
24. Visited the Ghibli Museum
25. Visited the Itsukushima Shrine
26. Saw the Japanese Alps
27. Learned to eat with chopsticks
28. Tied a secret to a balloon and let it go
29. Learned the alphabet in sign language
30. Watched a meteor shower
31. Graduated college
32. Graduated college summa cum laude
33. Got accepted into graduate school
34. Carved a pumpkin
35. Went to a Yankee Game
36. Went to the NY Botanical Gardens
37. Baked something from scratch
38. Got a tattoo
39. Did volunteer work
40. Filled a sketchbook
41. Made a handmade gift for a friend
42. Found out my blood type
43. Went on a yoga retreat
44. Went to a concert
45. Went to a concert by myself
46. Went camping
47. Went white water rafting
48. Went whale watching
49. Visited Niagara Falls
50. Made pizza from scratch
51. Went apple picking
52. Went skinny dipping
53. Ran a 5k
54. Flew a kite
55. Had a Disney movie marathon
56. Made my bed every day for a month
57. Made Pho from scratch
58. Made almond milk from scratch
59. Eaten at a restaurant by myself
60. Meditated with Buddhist monks
61. Walked somewhere instead of taking the bus
62. Went to Rockefeller Center during Christmas time
63. Attended a poetry slam
64. Woke up early to watch the sun rise
65. Made homemade sushi
66. Became vegetarian
67. Gotten a piercing
68. Walked over the Brooklyn Bridge
69. Walked over the Williamsburg Bridge
70. Went to Chimney Bluffs State Park
71. Learned to make a paper crane
72. Visit Hiroshima Castle
73. Visit Osaka Castle
74. Walked through the Fushimi Inari Shrine
75. Seen Mt. Fuji in person
76. Ridden on Shinkasen (bullet train)
77. Made vegan cookies from scratch
78. Made pickles
79. Swam in Lake Ontario
80. Ridden on a jet ski
81. Ridden a roller coaster
82. Went to Japan's Bamboo Forrest
83. Made homemade bubble tea
84. Vacationed in the Smoky Mountains
85. Found a fossil
86. Went to the Bronx Zoo
87. Went to the MoMA
88. Attended a Broadway play
89. Picked fresh berries on a farm
90. Watched the Macy's Fireworks
91. Dyed my hair
92. Compiled a book of family birthdays & important dates
93. Became an organ donor
94. Gone fishing
95. Gone crabbing
96. Went ice skating
97. Made a snowman
98. Decluttered and organized my room
99. Tye-dyed some of my white clothes
100. Made mochi
101. Done a juice cleanse
14 February 2015, unfortunately sideways.
Note Added
1. I graduated high school.
2. I graduated college.
3. I graduated with my MLIS.
4. I graduated with my CELTA.
5. I got a great job straight out of grad school.
6. Automated
7. Rearranged library
8. Brought more people in
9. Made a more welcoming space
10. Lived in Russia
11. Traveled Europe for six weeks
12. Learned a tiny bit of Russian
13. Learned German
14. Learned Spanish
15. Learned Italian
16. Plan and orals
17. Live on my own
18. Cook for myself
19. Pay my bills
20. Stopped cutting
21. Stopped thinking about suicide
22. Opened up to Dr. Boyajian
23. Quit weed
24. Quit pills/IV
25. Quit all other drugs
26. Quit alcohol
27. Quit smoking
28. Lost 80lb.
29. Wear a size 18, down from 24
30. GMBA
31. Secretaryship of GMBA
32. Didn't kill myself
33. Drastically improved my mental health
34. Unpacked and decorated apartment
35. Read all Willa Cather
36. Read an impressive amount of Dickens
37. Learned my way around modern technology
38. Many positive relationships at the library
39. Changed my sheets today
40. Filled 17+ Moleskines
41. Juvenile nonfic
42. Created a YA collection
43. Been to 27 states
44. Stayed alive through numerous psychotic depressions
45. Artwork on display at the State House (and curator liked it)
46. Able to walk upstairs without wheezing
47. Able to walk up Super 8 stairs with my Go Bag without wheezing
48. Drove down every road in Swanton
49. Highgate
50. Franklin
51. Sheldon
52. Enosburg
53. Berkshire
54. Richford
55. Montgomery
56. St. Albans
57. Youngest ever 251 Club member
58. Significantly reduced lithium dosage
59. Lived through what happened
60. Trained employees well
61. Learned html
62. Developed decent computer skills
63. Got a pretty good handle on my anxiety
64. Got asked on a date
65. Got asked on a second date
66. Maintained a great relationship with my family
67. Maintained a great relationship with my friends
68. Talented at pottery painting
69. Apartment really cool
70. Learned every word to a LOT of Dylan songs
71. Cried in therapy
72. Significantly reduced my use of my charge card
73. Had a short story published
74. Made a ton of saleable Christmas cards
75. Got promoted to full time
76. Learned my way around the Belmont area
77. Took care of Gram during grad school
78. Cleaned off my desk last weekend
79. Developed a positive attitude
80. Got on the Cribbage League
81. Started eating breakfast every morning
82. Take my meds every day
83. Did a "color walk" with Nicole
84. Learned how to run a library, kind of from scratch
85. Read a good amount of GMBA books despite the concentration problem
86. Made a cute resume
87. Encyclopedic knowledge of Criminal Minds
88. Survived bullying
89. Have a decent amount of money in the bank
90. Took steps necessary to set New Year's resolution in motion
91. Haven't been hospitalized in over a year
92. I'm in a place where I plan for the future
93. Won 10th grade badminton doubles tournament alone
94. Learned how to cook a few good dishes
95. Learned how to drive well on icy roads
96. Made gorgeous Christmas ornaments last year
97. FINALLY mailed my passport renewal
98. Spelling Bee in elementary school
99. Learned how to whistle
100. Passed Art History
101. Came up with 101 things
Note Added
1. Get into med school
Note Added
1 Finish my career
Note Added
Note added by Crystal. about 6 years ago
1. I've become one huge pain in the butt (we had to start off with the thing I'm most proud of)
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Note added by Klaartje . about 6 years ago
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Note added by Erin Lynch. about 7 years ago
See "Done" list
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Note added by Mikaela. about 7 years ago
1. Travel to/through Europe 2. Shake hands with Barack Obama 3. Ride a gondola in Venice 4. Paddle-boat on the Vltava in Prague 5. Eat Pizza in Italy 6. Go to a European soccer game 7. Study abroad 8. Eat chocolate and waffles in Belgium 9. Couchsurf 10. Sleep in a train station 11. Spend 16 hours at The Happiest Place On Earth (aka Disneyland) 12. Drink at least a liter of beer and stand on a table at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany 13. Go on a pub crawl 14. Make friends in another country 15. Sneak a picture with the Sistine Chapel 16. Drive to Mexico 17. Work on a political campaign 18. Graduate from college with a double-major 19. Drive to California 20. Go back to New York 21. Get a picture with King Kong on the Empire State Building 22. Visit Alcatraz 23. Go to Canada 24. Ride a cable-car in San Francisco 25. Visit Mount Rushmore 26. Go fishing 27. Celebrate the Fourth of July with a spud gun 28. Spend the day at the beach 29. Stay at a resort 30. Learn a new language 31. Live in another country 32. Visit 10 other states 33. Visit 10 countries 34. Pose with the Leaning Tower of Pisa 35. Fight with Gladiators at the Collesium in Rome 36. Sneak a picture of David in Florence 37. Spend a night on the Queen Mary 38. Take a cruise 39. Share a giant bucket drink with friends 40. Purchase a piece of art 41. See Van Gogh's Starry Night 42. Win a drawing contest 43. Recieve an academic scholarship 44. Graduate high school with High Honors 45. Write for a newspaper 46. Be the leader of a club 47. Volunteer in another country 48. Go tubing down a river 49. Go tubing down a mountain 50. Learn how to snowboard 51. See a celebrity on Rodeo Dr. 52. Get kicked out of a bar on my 21st birthday 53. Drink Heineken in Amsterdam 54. Attend the midnight premiere of a movie dressed as one of the characters from the film 55. Get in a bar another country 56. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day for 16 hours straight and survive...complete with plenty of Guinness pancakes, green beer, Irish car bombs, and jigging 57. Take (probably too many) shots of absinthe 58. Take a 'tour' of Vienna 59. Visit Auschwitz 60. Learn to play the piano 61. Be in a talent show 62. Go swimming in the Gulf of Mexico 63. Stay at a lake cabin in Washington, and learn how to wakeboard 64. Go to a Bronco's game in August dressed in snow pants 65. See Across the Universe at Red Rocks 66. Go shopping at the Mall of America 67. Party with a band 68. Dye my hair an unnatural color 69. Go to the Space Needle, Experience Music Project, and Pike Place Market in Seattle 70. Take the T in Boston 71. Get a song dedicated to a friend by the lead singer at a concert 72. See Ubaldo Jiminez pitch at a Rockies game 73. Get pulled over on the highway at 3am (without current license and registration), get breathalyzed, and walk away with only a warning 74. Bribe a teacher...with a paper, gift basket, and cookies 75. Attend a public university, private university, and community college during my college career 76. Ace my senior paper and class...and have my professor use my paper as an example at a workshop that he taught 77. Ride on an elephant 78. See a drive-in movie 79. See an IMAX movie 80. Attend two weddings in one day 81. Make sushi and tempura 82. Go rockclimbing 83. Work multiple jobs 84. Go camping at Custer 85. Be in a parade 86. Visit Pope Benni at the Vatican 87. Ride on a motorcycle 88. See the Statue of Liberty 89. Travel by train 90. Pay for a meal with coins only 91. Go to Arches National Park 92. Go to Strawberry Park Hot Springs in Steamboat 93. Get free ice water at Wall Drug, SD 94. Sleep through the take off and landing of a plane 95. Stay in a hostel 96. See Incubus, Ben Harper, and the Fray at Mile High Music Fest 97. Have a best friend with the same name as me 98. Meet someone with the same first and last name as me 99. Walk across the bridge at the Royal Gorge 100. Go to an underground wine bar 101. Go snorkeling in Mexico
Note Added
Note added by Novembre. about 7 years ago
07/17/2011 - It took me a while to finish the list, but it turns out that I really have accomplished a lot!
Note Added
1. learn ballet 2. conquer a fear 3. have a diverse assortment of friends 4. get all A's on a report card 5. be a flower girl in a wedding 6. have a complete conversation in Spanish 7. pick blueberries 8. audition for a play 9. sing karaoke 10. put Disney music on my ipod 11. ride a roller coaster 12. do something dangerous