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Go on a road trip
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For the more adventurous you could also Go on a road trip without a pre-set destination.
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Note added by KateS. about 4 months ago
Kalispell, Montana - 14 hour drive
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Eurotrip 2016
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Note added by VM. about 8 months ago
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Through Portugal
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Starting planning a road trip for my one year anniversary with babe!
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Ireland road trip - drive all around the country
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Note added by Montesa. about 12 months ago
Went to DC by myself! Bad timing, it coincided with a strong hurricane on the way to hit Florida. I had fun though and got back before the hurricane hit and everyone was safe.
Photo added by Shelby. about 1 years ago
Went to Dallas!
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Note added by Denisa. about 1 years ago
California-Nevada-Arizona 2017
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Traveled to Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Columbus and Toronto with Chetan most of last year!
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Note added by Emily I. about 1 years ago
Went to Myrtle with mom, going to Florida with Biff
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Note added by Jamie . about 1 years ago
Duluth, MN to Billings, MT

If rather fly... never again and not much cheaper.

Total per person was about $400... flying would have cost about $450
Note Added
With my dad and 2 goldens from fl to nj
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Note added by R. Smart. about 1 years ago
Kansas City, MO
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Viagem para Vienna e Budapeste
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Note added by Rkfhop2. about 1 years ago
Traveled to Jackson, MS, to see family.
Note Added
Roadtrip to Cinci with Abby
Note Added
when i was about 6-10 i would fly to Utah my aunt, uncle, and sister would drive through different states to make our way back to the quad cities while also site-seeing.
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i have done this with my family moltipole times
the first time it was dificolt
we did it so many times it was cake the rest of the time
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Note added by chris. about 1 years ago
about 4000
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Note added by Jules. about 2 years ago
August long weekend - AB/BC
Note Added
Bungle bungles with the siblings and the Hunts
Note Added
Toronto>> Vancouver in 9 days. Plus extra time in Vancouver!
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Note added by MaryAnn T. about 2 years ago
Road trip: Oklahoma: visit daughter, research, high school reunion
Begins Aug 5th-Aug 15 in Lucy, brother Lee and I
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Note added by Kim. about 2 years ago
When I wrote this goal, I had no particular road trip in mind.

It ended up being a short one, driving down to Margaret River for a long weekend. I ended up staying with my husband's family, driving around to wineries and mazes and generally having fun. It was a very relaxed weekend, but embodied the road trip atmosphere well. Good fun was had by all.
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Note added by Laura Jin. about 2 years ago
Went to Niagara Falls with Nick, Victoria, and Justin. We drove from Brantford to Hamilton and then to Niagara and did so many fun things!

Not sure if it actually counts as a real life road trip, but I mean it's the furthest I've ever gone without parental supervision or anything like that and we felt like such adults.

-souvenir shop browsing
-waterpark (getting scared out of my mind from that yellow body slide)
-delicious mini pizzas at Pizza Hut
-photos near the falls
-attempt at Nightmares fear factory (twice for me and Justin)
-candy and Hershey's factory
-Baskin Robbins ice cream (b/c of a coupon)
-Wizards mini golf (Nick being the obvious winner)
-late night charades and would you rather
-Bird Kingdom (parrot on my arm)
-expensive breakfast at iHOP
Note Added
Tagaytay with Jasper, Ian, Justine, Ervin and Aira!!!! (First time din nila )

April 25, 2016. 7PM.
Suot helmet. Angkas sa motor. Maha-habang biyahe. Kahit madilim. Kahit nakakatakot. Kahit mukhang di kakayanin ng motor. Marcos Mansion. Akyat. Ang ganda. Tirik. Tingin sa baba. Mura. Ang ganda talaga. Akyat. Oops muntik malaglag sa bangin. Akyat. Pahinga. Shooting star! Nawawala ang susi. Tuloy. Grabe ang ganda. Photoshoot. Baba. Angel's Burger. Kahit alaws arep. Pauwi na. Mali ang dinaanan. Checkpoint. Ligtas. Pauwi na talaga. Nasaan na raw ako. Checkpoint. Patay. Umuwi nang tuluyan.
Legit roadtrip. Daming pinagdaanan. Pero enjoy. Sobra. Ibang klase.
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Oxford trip
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Note added by Merry. about 2 years ago
Note Added
August 13th-19th!
Note Added
Spring break 2016
road trip:
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Note added by Emerson. about 2 years ago
I plan to road trip it to the Montana beast in May
Note Added
Drove to Florida with Stu. We both survived
Note Added
Charlotte --> Williamsburg with Nick
Note Added
Our honeymoon!
Note Added
We went on a road trip for our honeymoon! It was amazing. We toured the west coast. It's almost time to do it again
Note Added
Trip through Europe (Latvia-France-Latvia) March 2015