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Go to see an Opera
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love it!
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I went to the Vienna State Opera. It turned out not to be my kind of thing really, but for € 3,- I'm definitly glad I tried. (Tip: if you ever want to go there, buy a standing ticket.)
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Note added by Monika. about 7 months ago
Wrocław Opera
Teatr Wielki in Łódź
Teatr Wielki - Opera Narodowa in Warsaw
Teatro alla Scala in Milan
Naples - La Traviata
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Note added by Stephanie. about 3 years ago
Never do this again
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Note added by YONG PENG. about 4 years ago
台北合唱团too hehehe
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Photo added by Rebecca D.. about 4 years ago
First opera.... great night!
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23/7 2013: Went to see Aida at Arena di Verona in Italy. It was amazing
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12/28/12 - Saw Engelbert Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel performed by Opera Idaho at Boise Contemporary Theater.
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My friend, RaeAnn with the Witch from Hansel and Gretel
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In NYC, preferably
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Note added by Caroline. about 6 years ago
We went last night. Saw Carmen. I loved it - now I want to see more!
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Madame Butterfly in April
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Note added by Caroline. about 6 years ago
I have tickets for March!!! Yay
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saw carmen
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Note added by Mindy E.. about 7 years ago
Saw Madame Butterfly with mom. It was amazing and I cried!
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So far Helen, Sue, Suzy and Simon are keen to make it a party! Following Helen and Sue's suggestions I'm buying tickets to see Don Giovanni on Sat 13 November at The Coliseum. Saw the opera this evening. Brilliant.
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Note added by Molicious!. about 8 years ago
Was a lifelong dream...the only catch is, my first was in Russian! But I still sobbed endlessly...tihihi