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Try a basic meditation technique
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love it!
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started yoga
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Note added by Vanessa. about 9 months ago
Have practised a few meditation techniques introduced on a couple of online courses. I find it very calming and am going to keep working on it!
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I am not sure what day was the first day, but Amine and I have been meditating frequently to better ourselves.
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Note added by Pawel. about 3 years ago
Breath technique FTW
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Note added by Catie Day. about 3 years ago
I've had to try a few relaxation techniques over the last 6 months or so. Turns out that breathing is basic meditation.
Photo added by Mara. about 3 years ago
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Note added by Tinie. about 3 years ago
Did a Guided Meditation with Eckhart Tolle:
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went hand in hand with yoga
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Went to the mindfulness workshop! It was a nice introduction to the idea. I'm going to try and practice for 5 minutes every day. The lady said that small and often was the key to mastering it.
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Definitely attending mindfulness workshop at 19:30 on 16/1 at South Ken
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Planning on going to mindfulness workshop on 16/1/15
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Tai chi!
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It was such a lovely day. My friends and I found this dainty spot hidden from the general public right next to the water.
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Note added by Tabetha. about 5 years ago
2/2/13: I started using a meditation technique where I sit comfortably and allow my breathing to be natural and I just focus on feeling the breath coming in and out of my nose It's quite relaxing
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