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Made this one for another one of my references.
Masha Harris
Note added to goal Get a new job
Formally accepted an offer today! I'm incredibly excited and so glad to mark this as Done!
Masha Harris
Note added to goal Get a new job
I have a second interview this week with a library in Vermont. It's going to be awesome - it's a full day spending time at the library and meeting people around town, and it feels like it will be more an immersion than an interview. It's also one of the best libraries in the state! Feeling confident and hopeful.

Making embroidered covers for notebooks as thank-you presents for my job-hunting references. This is the first - I'm happy with it!

More than anything else I'm proud of learning how to thread my brand-new sewing machine!
I finished my minimalism project! I have been through all five rooms and have gotten rid of around 850 items. I was hoping to make it to 1,000 countable items, but I’m going to mark this done and count those extra 150 as part of the reams and reams of paper I got rid of, since, of course, I did not count each individual sheet.

Embroidered this picture of the Church of the Mariacki in Krakow for Mom.
This is going fine, so I’m going to mark it as done!
Masha Harris
Note added to goal Donate to Goodwill
Dropped off six boxes today - four of women’s clothes, one of household items, and one of kitchen supplies. I still have stuff to go through, so there’s probably another trip in my future.

Items 311-500ish

Franklin County, Vermont map to hang in my office.
Masha Harris
Note added to goal Quit caffeine
I quit coffee a week ago, and in that time have had four "slip-ups" on my non-smoking. I was hoping quitting caffeine would reduce my anxiety, but I would rather be anxious than be a smoker. The good news is, I have until 2021 to try again!
HPL just informed me that they cannot ILL “The Hand of Ethelberta” for me from anywhere, despite it claiming to be available. I’m furious! I’m going to have to pay for a copy!

Made 20 of these to send out to pups all over the world!

The first 310 items.

9 November - These have been living on my computer monitor at work. I don't like either of them but have been holding on to them because they were gifts. Trash.
Dr. James wants to talk about goals and values. At first I was like meh because it sounded so vague but then I realized what he actually wanted to talk about was strategic planning!!! There are going to be short-term goals and long-term goals and I am going to make spreadsheets and I will have a completely new Day Zero list instead of the 102/1002 I was supposed to start in January, and the new goals are going to be so much more amazing because we are starting with Strategic Imperatives and ----- well, suffice to say, goal-gasm.
7 November - Responded appropriately to a coworker's increasingly dramatic emails. I did get some coaching from my supervisor on how to handle the situation, but that's just an added layer of self-confidence - I was confident enough to ask for help AND confident enough to follow through with her advice.
7 November - Made a presentation at the staff meeting. I felt that I sounded really self-assured and as if I knew what I was talking about.

November - One of Lemon's Instagram friends invited us to a barkday party! Koda (right) was the host; he turns five this month. I get extra points for socializing on this one because these were all strangers, but I still had the nerve to go!

1 October - Expired make-up (2+ years old and unused) - 39 items

1 October - Bottom shelf of medicine cabinet (mostly expired medication) - 31 things
Masha Harris
Note added to goal Lose 100 pounds
Continuation of my 101/1001 goal to lose 75 pounds.

Went back to the Houston Zoo this weekend. It was a nice outing and I loved the flamingos!

Going to turn this into a pillow for Kathe for Christmas.
Just started seeing a social worker who specializes in financial planning for people with mental illness. She seems to be pretty positive about my financial outlook. It's going to be hard, but I'm hopeful!
What's left and where it's available:

Two on a Tower - Audible
The Well-Beloved - Audible

Life's Little Ironies - Houston Public Library

The Hand of Ethelberta - ILL
So I'm at the point in my 101/1001 where almost everything that's left is long-term, things I can't mark as done until my 1001 is up on October 31. As such, I've decided that I can start in on goals in my 102/1002 early. I'm still going to have the 1002 days start on November 1 and finish on July 20, 2020, but if I get a jump on some things in the meantime, I figure there's no harm in it. I need more goals to work towards!
This has been a pretty useless goal the last couple months because I find myself taking money out of my savings account before the end of the month to make ends meet. However, I think things are going to be better financially now that I've quit smoking, and am hoping my savings account will start growing again. It's been flatlined at $1,000 for a few months now.
I hadn't been since a field trip in fourth grade, and I must say, it was pretty darn cool to see as an adult! I'll have to go back and see more of it sometime - we had two hours and it wasn't nearly enough.
15 June 2017 - Told my coworkers they'll have to take the stuff that belongs to them out of my office when we move to the temporary location because I won't have the space for it.
26 May 2017 - This is another that sounds a little underwhelming, but this week I reached out to about a dozen different institutions inviting librarians and other professionals to join our Friends of the Library committee. Apparently the email I wrote was persuasive, because I got positive responses from several of the people I contacted! I'm including this under being more self-confident at work because after sending the emails on Monday, I lost all confidence and wasn't able to reply to any responses that asked for more information until today. But this morning I was able to reach out and respond to these people - hopefully in such a way that they'll become committee members!
Masha Harris
Photo added to goal Embroider a gift

For my friend's wedding in October.
Megan Super cute!
about 1 years ago
I've gotten it down from a pack (20) a day to six a day. (The homeless of Houston must be thrilled, because I'm buying full packs, removing six, and leaving the rest on top of the garbage cans at the places I buy them!) I'm getting used to going long periods without smoking and I think this weekend I'll be able to take the plunge and go completely smoke-free.
samstoybox Keep up the good work. I know you can do it! Sam
about 1 years ago
2 May 2017 - I was unexpectedly called upon to do a presentation about the library at today's staff meeting. Aaaah! I knew I was supposed to do one at an undisclosed time, but was totally not prepared to do it today - I even had a hand-out prepared and didn't bring it! But three people have told me that I did a very good job off the cuff - and "off the cuff" is not something I'm usually good at.
Masha Harris
Note added to goal Lose 75 pounds
Just two pounds to go! So close!
18 April 2017 - Told my boss I am very happy with my social life at work, that I find it rewarding, and that I feel I've worked on it and improved a lot (she was good-naturedly teasing me a few weeks ago about not being social enough).
6 April 2017 - Sent an email requesting heavier promotion for my upcoming event. This sounds like something small, but I was really worried she wouldn't agree to do it, and I had to say to myself before doing it, "Act like you deserve this. Act like it's a matter of course and you expect her to agree."
31 March 2017 - Took someone out to lunch and asked her to chair a committee. I was TERRIFIED but it ended up going really well, I enjoyed myself, and I think she's going to say yes (fingers crossed!).
30 March 2017 - Talked to my supervisor about something that was bothering me.
BEST. DAY. EVER. Finally achieved my dream of being a Human Book at a Human Library! It was amazing. My book title was Mental Illness, and I met with a bunch of different people and answered questions and talked about my experience. The most fascinating thing was watching how the conversations were different with different people, and seeing what they would take away from the experience - two girls working at a daycare wanted to know how to recognize trauma symptoms in children. A school counselor wanted to know how to tell if a student needs to be hospitalized. A young mother wanted to know how to keep her daughter safe from predators. It was just pure awesomeness and I can't wait to go back tomorrow!
Megan I've heard of these! What an amazing opportunity.
about 1 years ago
21 March 2017 - Served as "Holocaust expert" at the JCC Book Club this morning. I answered their questions knowledgeably and wasn't nervous at all!

Went out to Washington-on-the-Brazos Historic Site yesterday - right smack dab in the middle of wildflower country.
Megan Beautiful!
about 1 years ago
10 March 2017 - Participated actively in strategic planning and shared my ideas instead of keeping them to myself.
2 March 2017 - Stood up for myself about my program not being included in the Upcoming Events email.
Finally caved and asked my dad for help. Leaving the goal up but now considering it "Pay back my dad."
Masha Harris
Note added to goal Lose 75 pounds
65 down, 10 to go! Had two doctor's appointments today and both were super-impressed with my weight loss. Yay!
Chereeka Straker Great Job!!
about 1 years ago
Rethinking this. Do I really want to move? I'm not so sure...
91. passel, n.: a large group of people or things of indeterminate number; a pack (1/31/17, "The Squire's Quest" by Gerald Morris)
92. passepartout, n.: a picture or photograph simply mounted between a piece of glass and a sheet of cardboard (or two pieces of glass) stuck together at the edges with adhesive tape (2/1/17, "Charlotte")
93. conditorei, n.: a pâtisserie or confectionery shop (2/2/17, "Charlotte")
94. paean, n.: a song of praise or triumph (2/2/17, "Charlotte")
95. maladroit, adj.: ineffective or bungling; clumsy (2/2/17, "The Squire's Quest" by Gerald Morris)
96. antipodes, n.: Australia and New Zealand (used by inhabitants of the northern hemisphere) (2/2/17, "The Squire's Quest" by Gerald Morris)
97. mummer, n.: an actor in a traditional masked mime, especially of a type associated with Christmas and popular in England in the 18th and early 19th centuries; a pantomimist (2/2/17, "The Squire's Quest" by Gerald Morris)
98. obstreperous, n.: noisy and difficult to control (2/4/17, "On Writing" by Stephen King)
99. TL;DR, abbrev.: "Too long; didn't read," a shorthand notation added by an editor indicating a passage appeared to be too long to invest the time to digest (2/5/17, Facebook)
100. bey, n.: the governor of a district or province in the Ottoman Empire (2/5/17, "The Legend of the King" by Gerald Morris)
I played at least three times a week through the month of January and plan to continue - I've added "Play in an orchestra" to my list for my next 101/1001. So, marking this done!