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Beautiful Ottawa Tulip Festival!
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Get an iron fish

I have been meaning to get a lucky iron fish for a while. They help folks with low iron (like me) without the nasty side effects of iron supplements. Such a great idea! I look forward to seeing if I can notice the difference.
1) Yoga
2) Body Flow
3) Body Pump
1) Rideau Centre
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Give blood

just in time!

I went to Mexico for the first time as a stop on our cruise ship. We went for a little walk in Cozumel. This is Eva getting serenaded ;)
5 weeks of French training! Si c'etait a refaire, je le referais!

A nice little sunny morning run along the canal ;) I think I will go back again.
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Try Geocaching

I think I'm hooked! Great little family activity!

Such a great show!! I knew every song ;)
Stephanie Goodman I gotta watch the movie
about 7 months ago
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Make Jam

12 bottles of Cranberry Relish to give to all the neighbours for a little Christmas gift. Close enough to jam I guess ;)
Kim Jones
Note added to goal Go to Hot Yoga
at Movati! I loved it! I'm going back tomorrow! ;)
Kim Jones
Note added to goal Reach goal weight
Good job Allison!

;) ...now to make it stay alive...
Kim Jones it died.. ;) and we are not allowed to have flowers at my new office. Such a shame. It was beautiful while it lasted.
about 1 years ago

A uni-cyclist with juggling fire in the byward market!

A uni-cyclist with juggling fire in the byward market!

Breakfast in bed at the Chateau Laurier. What a beautiful hotel!

High tea at the Chateau Laurier with a wonderful little tea companion!

Course #1 of 12. Awesome culinary experience ;)
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Plant herbs

Fresh basil and parsley. The basil smells heavenly ;)
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Do a bicycle race

35km race for CHEO. A bit chilly and rainy out there but it made the finish line all that more exciting to see! ;)
Allison Delaney Way to go Kim!
about 2 years ago

7 days in a row! This included my first session with a personal trainer! I'm still sore... ;)
Allison Delaney Awesome!
about 2 years ago

A great month! I tried lots of new vegetarian/vegan recipes and visited an amazing Vegetarian restaurant on Richmond called Pure Kitchen (dinner in pic!). I'm pretty sure I will commit to being a 95% purist going forward ;)
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Buy a Pod Sling Pack

Granted, it's not much of an accomplishment. This has been on my to-buy list for about 5 years. I knew that by putting it on my 101 list, I would actually get around to buying one. Hello to hands-free adventures! ;)

Best massage ever, fabulous dinner at the Muse restaurant with Andrea and a late night hot tub. Beautiful place! Tucked away little gem.

I bought a new vegan cookbook called "But I could never go Vegan!" and gave it to Eva to choose anything she wanted me to make with the stipulation that she must eat what I make. Surprisingly, she choose baked BBQ tofu. I made it. It was so-so. She complained the whole time ;)
1 day down and 30 to go! The month will be completed end-day 11 April.
Allison Delaney How's it going? By my calculations you're half way there!
about 2 years ago
Kim Jones Feeling great... and inspired! I may just be a lifer!
about 2 years ago
Kim Jones
Note added to goal Do a bicycle race
Signed up for the CHEO 35Km bike ride to be held on 1 May ;)

"Mommy and Me Manicure" at the Scoops Spa, Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. Lots of fun!
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Visit Niagara Falls

It was a beautiful sight! ...even in the cold ;)
Stephanie Goodman Lovely family
about 7 months ago
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Visit the Toronto Zoo

Eva with a Panda Bear at the Toronto Zoo!
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Get a pedicure

Pedicure!... with a side order of a hot stone massage ;) lovely!

It was as good as I imagined it would be! The aluminum foil heart was in honour or our 10th wedding anniversary. The historical gift for the 10th is tin or aluminum ;)

As a little token of our 10 year wedding anniversary! (I know, I know... it's hard to believe it took me 10 years to get around to this one!)
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Try a rain massage

At the beautiful Amerispa- Hilton Lac Leamy. I should indulge more often! Hot stones next ;)

I had a lovely evening with Meghan and Allison trying tapas for the first time. - 222 Lyon Tapas Bar in Ottawa! Delicious!
Allison Delaney That was a super fun evening! We'll have to do it again sometime soon
about 2 years ago
Kim Jones
Note added to goal Read Madame Bovary
Great classic read! Adultery, insane spending/debt and then suicide. Basically it is the story of how a good man was brought to ruins by a woman who was endlessly discontent. Recommended!

It was great! ;)
"Bear" by Marian Engel (1976).

It seems that "When Everything Feels like the Movies" was not the only shocking winner of the Governor General's Award. A woman living alone on an island falls in love with a bear. Nothing strange or controversial about that! ;)

A lovely afternoon at the NAC with Allison!

We volunteered to sponsor 5 seniors who are alone for Christmas through the "Christmas Smiles" program. Eva loved packing and decorating the bags!

Had a lovely date with my hubby! This was one of the many little delicious treats we tried: chai and pumpkin crème brûlée. There were many local wines and ciders to try as well.
Allison Delaney Yum!
about 2 years ago
Donating them to the NDWCC charity booksale!
Kim Jones
Note added to goal Read the Great Gatsby
Great book! Now I will need to watch the movie ;)

Glad we made it back alive Allison! ;) Beautiful day for a hike.
Allison Delaney It was a beautiful day! Thanks for sharing it with me
about 3 years ago

I added an additional challenge. My hubby and I chose ten different wines that we have never tried before from ten different countries. drool drool num num!
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Donate blood

Not actually the first time ever.... just outside of Quebec, which obviously is not really part of the Canada that the "Canadian Blood Services" refers to ;) happy to have had Meghan along to chat with and make the long wait pass by quickly!

I have been meaning to/ wanting to do this course for 2 years now. It was a really great course and I learned so much!
Allison Delaney Way to go Kim!!
about 3 years ago