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Notes & Photos
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Walk around Pink Lake

Beautiful fall day at Pink Lake in Gatineau!
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Make a birthday cake

I had a little help ;) In case anyone is wondering, it says "DaD" in Rolos the middle!

Such a great read!
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Try Cacao 70

After meaning to try this for a long time, we finally made smores at Cocoa 70! ;)
1) Power Yoga
2) Drumming
3) Gentle Yoga
4) Yoga & Meditation
1) Nepean
2) Train Yards

Such a beautiful old hotel in the heart of Old Quebec City!

Beautiful Ottawa Tulip Festival!
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Get an iron fish

I have been meaning to get a lucky iron fish for a while. They help folks with low iron (like me) without the nasty side effects of iron supplements. Such a great idea! I look forward to seeing if I can notice the difference.
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Give blood

just in time!

I went to Mexico for the first time as a stop on our cruise ship. We went for a little walk in Cozumel. This is Eva getting serenaded ;)
5 weeks of French training! Si c'etait a refaire, je le referais!

A nice little sunny morning run along the canal ;) I think I will go back again.
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Try Geocaching

I think I'm hooked! Great little family activity!

Such a great show!! I knew every song ;)
Stephanie Goodman I gotta watch the movie
8 months ago
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Make Jam

12 bottles of Cranberry Relish to give to all the neighbours for a little Christmas gift. Close enough to jam I guess ;)
Kim Jones
Note added to goal Go to Hot Yoga
at Movati! I loved it! I'm going back tomorrow! ;)
Kim Jones
Note added to goal Reach goal weight
Good job Allison!

;) ...now to make it stay alive...
Kim Jones it died.. ;) and we are not allowed to have flowers at my new office. Such a shame. It was beautiful while it lasted.
1 years ago

A uni-cyclist with juggling fire in the byward market!

A uni-cyclist with juggling fire in the byward market!

Breakfast in bed at the Chateau Laurier. What a beautiful hotel!

High tea at the Chateau Laurier with a wonderful little tea companion!

Course #1 of 12. Awesome culinary experience ;)
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Plant herbs

Fresh basil and parsley. The basil smells heavenly ;)
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Do a bicycle race

35km race for CHEO. A bit chilly and rainy out there but it made the finish line all that more exciting to see! ;)
Allison Delaney Way to go Kim!
2 years ago

7 days in a row! This included my first session with a personal trainer! I'm still sore... ;)
Allison Delaney Awesome!
2 years ago

A great month! I tried lots of new vegetarian/vegan recipes and visited an amazing Vegetarian restaurant on Richmond called Pure Kitchen (dinner in pic!). I'm pretty sure I will commit to being a 95% purist going forward ;)
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Buy a Pod Sling Pack

Granted, it's not much of an accomplishment. This has been on my to-buy list for about 5 years. I knew that by putting it on my 101 list, I would actually get around to buying one. Hello to hands-free adventures! ;)

Best massage ever, fabulous dinner at the Muse restaurant with Andrea and a late night hot tub. Beautiful place! Tucked away little gem.

I bought a new vegan cookbook called "But I could never go Vegan!" and gave it to Eva to choose anything she wanted me to make with the stipulation that she must eat what I make. Surprisingly, she choose baked BBQ tofu. I made it. It was so-so. She complained the whole time ;)
1 day down and 30 to go! The month will be completed end-day 11 April.
Allison Delaney How's it going? By my calculations you're half way there!
2 years ago
Kim Jones Feeling great... and inspired! I may just be a lifer!
2 years ago
Kim Jones
Note added to goal Do a bicycle race
Signed up for the CHEO 35Km bike ride to be held on 1 May ;)

"Mommy and Me Manicure" at the Scoops Spa, Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. Lots of fun!
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Visit Niagara Falls

It was a beautiful sight! ...even in the cold ;)
Stephanie Goodman Lovely family
8 months ago
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Visit the Toronto Zoo

Eva with a Panda Bear at the Toronto Zoo!
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Get a pedicure

Pedicure!... with a side order of a hot stone massage ;) lovely!

It was as good as I imagined it would be! The aluminum foil heart was in honour or our 10th wedding anniversary. The historical gift for the 10th is tin or aluminum ;)

As a little token of our 10 year wedding anniversary! (I know, I know... it's hard to believe it took me 10 years to get around to this one!)
Kim Jones
Photo added to goal Try a rain massage

At the beautiful Amerispa- Hilton Lac Leamy. I should indulge more often! Hot stones next ;)

I had a lovely evening with Meghan and Allison trying tapas for the first time. - 222 Lyon Tapas Bar in Ottawa! Delicious!
Allison Delaney That was a super fun evening! We'll have to do it again sometime soon
2 years ago
Kim Jones
Note added to goal Read Madame Bovary
Great classic read! Adultery, insane spending/debt and then suicide. Basically it is the story of how a good man was brought to ruins by a woman who was endlessly discontent. Recommended!

It was great! ;)
"Bear" by Marian Engel (1976).

It seems that "When Everything Feels like the Movies" was not the only shocking winner of the Governor General's Award. A woman living alone on an island falls in love with a bear. Nothing strange or controversial about that! ;)

A lovely afternoon at the NAC with Allison!

We volunteered to sponsor 5 seniors who are alone for Christmas through the "Christmas Smiles" program. Eva loved packing and decorating the bags!

Had a lovely date with my hubby! This was one of the many little delicious treats we tried: chai and pumpkin crème brûlée. There were many local wines and ciders to try as well.
Allison Delaney Yum!
3 years ago
Donating them to the NDWCC charity booksale!