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A goal of Sarah on their Done list!
31% this time round
  Posted 5 years ago
Other notes for this Goal:
100% with 4 mins to spare =] So please that's on http://www.jetpunk.com/quizzes/how-many-countries-can-you-name.php
Now I will learn all the other little islands in Oceania and around the Caribbean.
97% Missed 5: 1 from Oceania, 2 from Africa and 2 from N. America
*sqeals* 93% 182/196
I really love these kind of things. I forgot some spelling for some in Africa fand missed 3 off Oceania and 3 off N. America. Everything else 100%
88% 172/196
Really struggling on Africa. So that's my focus now.
Ooh okay 87% now with 170/196

I have got Europe, Asia and South America perfect. I missed 2 from Central America. Africa is getting there slowly but haven't learnt to locate those yet. Learning Oceania now.
Eeee 79% 155/196

I got all of Europe. Would have got all of Asia if I learn to spell Azerbaijan and Krygyzstan. Missed 2 countries from South America. Not too bad on N . America. It's Africa I really have to work on.
76% 148/196
I knew a lot more of the Middle East and Asia this time round as well as all of Europe. Really getting there now =]
68% with 133 countries out of 196.
63% with all the countries of Europe complete.

It didn't take too long to learn all the European countries, And can now identify them on the may by using this http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/Europe/Eur_G0_1024_768.html
60% 118 out of 196. Getting there slowly.
31% this time round
This may take some time. I took this quiz http://www.jetpunk.com/quizzes/how-many-countries-can-you-name.php and scored 50 out of 196 = 26% eeep.

And that's just guessing countries not even locating them yet.